Psychotherapy, Coaching, and EMDR Therapy in San Jose: for Positive Change in Your Life


“Change is the law of life.” – President John F. Kennedy

Change Is the Law of Life

I Can Help You Navigate Those Changes…

We are living in a time of dramatic change in both our nation and the world. Change can appear to be positive or it can appear to be negative.  How we respond to and deal with those  changes, affects our sense of personal peace and well-being.  Are you living the life you want? Are you at peace with yourself?

Feeling Stuck

Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward in your life? Are you having problems in your relationships and your home life?  Are you able to find peace with the things you cannot change? Can you identify the things that you may need to change? Very often a shift in our perception of a problem can make a big difference in how we are able to deal with it.

Counseling  Can Make A Difference

The purpose of counseling is to provide you with a safe, accepting and non-judgmental place to explore your thoughts and feelings about the circumstances of your life. Being able to freely discuss what is happening and has happened in your life can provide clarity about the situation that you are facing. What messages are you telling yourself? Are you living your life in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling to you? Or do you live with a harsh inner critic? Do you struggle with the need to be perfect?  I can help you.

How I Can Help

There are many different psychological theories of change. I try to tailor therapy to the needs of my clients. I use a combination of talk therapy, expressive arts, and EMDR. Research has shown that the most important factor in successful treatment is the relationship between the client and therapist.

My Invitation To You

I invite you to call me for a free, half-hour phone consultation to see to see how I may be of help to you and help you have a more satisfying life. I welcome your questions.

For more information about how I can help and a free phone consultation,

 call me at (408) 832-6172.

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