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Transform Your Anxiety Into Action

Anxiety can really play havoc your life.  Are your feelings of anxiety keeping you from experiencing the life you want? Most of our fears never materialize. Only by facing our fears will they subside. Fear that is not dealt with grows ever larger causing its victim much pain and suffering.  I can help you. You will not be alone on your journey.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety (fear) can cause a person to withdraw and isolate. This affects many areas of their life. They have difficulty making friends, going to social functions, applying for a job, attending school or finding a life partner. They live in almost constant fear of rejection.

Catastrophic Thinking creating anxiety

Perhaps your fear is different. Perhaps it’s a fear of failure that causes you to keep putting things off.   Are you tormented by the “What Ifs?”  The “what ifs” are examples of catastrophic thinking.  They are thoughts that heighten anxiety and can actually keep you  from taking action when action is needed.

Anxiety is a feeling of dread, fear or apprehension often with no clear reason or cause,  it is often triggered by automatic negative thoughts that are just below the level of conscious awareness.   What thoughts are going through your mind when you feel anxious?

Fear arises from a clear and actual danger such as a threat to your physical safety.  An example of this would be walking on the sidewalk and suddenly seeing a rattlesnake on your path.  In that case feelings of fear can save your life.  Fear saves your life and anxiety  makes your life miserable, keeping you trapped and unable to achieve your full potential.  Anxiety is often a result of unprocessed trauma which can cause core negative beliefs about the self, others and the world.  These core negative beliefs give rise to automatic negative thoughts which occur just below the level of conscious awareness.

Since most people use anxiety and fear interchangeably, I have done so too. Most people do not identify with anxiety and when they do experience it they call it fear.

Breaking Free From Anxiety

I have helped others overcome anxiety and I will help you also. It does take work and a willingness to commit to the process. I have used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to help others move through their fears and anxiety to greater freedom.  Fear transformed into action equals power.  It also equals freedom and increased self esteem.

For more information about the services I offers and how I can help you overcome your anxiety and fears, call (408) 832-6172.