EMDR Therapy in San Jose


As a therapist I wanted to work with people who had suffered painful trauma and abuse in their life.  I wanted a treatment that I felt would really make a difference.  All therapy is helpful and all of it creates changes in the brain.  E.M.D.R. changes the brain at a faster rate than most forms of psychotherapy. It is not however a quick fix. I feel that it is important for me to state this because I have had  people call me and want E.M.D.R. on the first session. It does not work that way. No well trained E.M.D.R. therapist would take someone off the street and just do E.M.D.R. Traumatic memories are painful. Often if there is more than one trauma the memories are stored almost back to back and moving one memory will cause the other memories to move also.  A well trained therapist and a properly prepared client will be able to handle this situation.

E.M.D.R. Takes T Pain Out of Traumatic Memories

E.M.D.R. properly done seems to eliminate the need to keep coming back to work on the same stuff over and over when the issues resurface.  Even if the memory is thought of after E.M.D.R. there is no emotional turmoil associated with it.  It happened and that’s it.  E.M.D.R. makes it possible to move on with your life and ultimately to forgive.

Is Forgiveness Necessary?

Being able to forgive is probably the deepest healing there is.  Not everyone chooses to do this or can.  Getting rid of resentment itself even without forgiveness is freedom.  It is not allowing someone who harmed us to take up space in our brains any more. Why allow someone to take up space in your brain who does not even pay you rent?

Who Can Benefit From E.M.D.R.?

Almost anyone.  We have all experienced loss,  betrayal, disappointment, failure & heartache of some kind.  Then there are others who have experienced abuse, been bullied or been victims of a crime, war or natural disaster.  Painful memories are now believed to be improperly stored in the brain.  This is why they can come up into awareness years after they happened causing pain and emotional upset.  E.M.D.R. helps the brain to get unstuck and the memories to go into proper autobiographical storage.  How E.M.D.R. does this is not fully understood.  Some believe that E.M.D.R. simulated REM sleep.  We do know that the brain is changed by E.M.D.R.  Dr. Amen has proven that with scans of the brain taken before and after treatment.  So we can know that trauma effects the brain in undesirable ways and E.M.D.R. allows the brain to heal itself.  It rewires the brain.  It changes neuronal connections.

How we handle adverse life events and the beliefs that we have about ourselves and others as a result, determines the kind of life we will live and the choices we will make.  Life is too short to stay stuck.

I Will Help You

I have helped many people with E.M.D.R. to move on with their lives and get free of their painful pasts.  I will help you too.  The work isn’t always easy but it is worth it.  You are worth it.  As far as we can know this may be the only life you get to live.  As someone once said; “this is life… it’s not a dress rehearsal’.  It’s the real thing.  I was trained in E.M.D.R. by the E.M.D.R. Institute.  I am Certified in E.M.D.R. by E.M.D.R.I.A.