Blocking Beliefs or The Elephant Story

Beliefs are powerful

Beliefs are indeed powerful.  Some serve us well and some don’t.  Some block our attempts to change and progress.  If you believe that you can’t do something then it’s almost certain that you won’t.  Negative self beliefs stunt personal growth and block creativity.  You are unable to see the opportunities and possibilities in front of you.  Only the darkness of discouragement which blocks out the light of creativity and hope.  When people are discouraged they tend give up.

A Conditioned Belief 

Years ago I heard a story told by Tom Hopkins a Motivational Speaker.  The story went like this.  This man had taken his son to a zoo and felt a little uncomfortable about a huge elephant enclosed behind a small fence for its size. He noticed that the elephant had only a small rope around his ankle. He asked the man in charge what would keep the elephant from crashing through the barrier and the man told him nothing…except the elephant believes that it can’t and so it won’t.  He told him that when the elephant was a baby a very heavy chain was placed around his ankle.  The elephant tried and tried but could not break free.  As time goes on the chains become less heavy and then a rope is all that is needed.  By this time the elephant is totally conditioned to believe he can’t break free.  He is stuck.  What the elephant believes is a lie.  He could with his enormous strength and size easily break free of the small rope.  That’s the reality, but because of his conditioning he is unable to see the possibilities in front of him.  He is convinced that he can’t break free and so he does not.

People Get Stuck And Discouraged Too

People become stuck in a similar way.  Things happen to them especially in childhood  that they don’t have the ability to fully understand nor are they able to control their circumstances.  They make decisions about themselves,  others  and the world around them based on what little knowledge  and understanding that they have at the time. Those decisions can become blocking negative beliefs that keep them stuck and unable to achieve their full potential.  Two examples of this would be the belief I am not good enough and I cannot succeed. Just like the elephant they are trapped by their negatives beliefs and  unable to see the  possibilities and  opportunities in front of them.

There Is Hope

Negative beliefs can be changed.  When you change your negative beliefs you change your life.  Change is possible.  I have helped other break through limiting negative beliefs  and I can help you.  No.  it’s not easy but if you are willing to do the work  you can  silence the critical inner critic who tells you that you can’t and keeps you stuck.

As Carl Jung said “I am not what has happened to me,  I am who I chose to become.” I have helped others and I will help you too.

I will help you change the blocking beliefs that keep you stuck.  I invite you to call me at 408-832-6172


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